Get to know us for who we’re and what we love doing

Nectar Digit seeks to create a network of groundbreaking business solutions for startups, SMEs, and budding young technopreneurs which are simple, yet expandable and affordable for all…
The establishing of Nectar Digit is the brainchild of a technically skilled young entrepreneur ‘Amrit Sparsha’ who doggedly labored hard in a highly competitive environment of digital companies growing by the day in the ancient capital of Kathmandu and United Kingdom. His long-term vision, which came about through blood, sweat & tears virtually, led to the founding of Nectar digit in the year 2018. Since then, there was no looking back.

COVID-19 has brought the world’s economy to its knees. However, on the brighter side, it has helped businesses grasp the desperate need for a digital revolution. In these uncertain times of a raging pandemic where humans can’t get close enough for any business purposes; tech dependency has risen to a very high level. Our lives are literally tuned to the touch of Smartphone screens. In such a radically changed high-tech world, businesses will greatly face hurdles & left behind if they do not seek digital alternatives.
It’s high time for Ecom businesses to apply the latest digital technology for introducing products to a worldwide audience witnessing speedy digitization.

At Nectar Digit, we empower young Entrepreneurs through result-oriented Digitization by providing support to rising startups with proper consulting, training, and offering affordable technical solutions that help them reorganize their business operations.
Become a part of the Nectar Digit family, we’ll give you business solutions with an edge over your competitors and connect you to a digital world that ensures success.

Our Mission

Our Mission, right from the outset, was to support and provide necessary resources for startups to help bring their ideas to life. With our marketplace experience and in-depth research, our goal is to always help them introduce their products and services to target customers that recognize the value of their products. Ours is a zest & zeal to take emerging young entrepreneurs to the next level of business, so that their investments would make much more business sense.

Our Vision

Ironically, our Vision was born from one man – our founder ‘Amrit Sparsha’ who firmly believes that Nectar Digit will only be successful through a Mission that works under one roof as a Visionary Team who is fully dedicated to ensuring success to all its clients at pocket friendly costs with down-toearth innovations that Connect, Promote, and Sell their products in highly competitive markets, successfully.

Our Goals

Our Mission & Vision combine to create exceptional Values which describe, right from the ground level, what we stand for. The ultimate goal of our Values is to shape our committed culture and represent us for who we actually are, what we do, and even why we are selective and particular on whom we hire. This is all built into our DNA in order to ensure that our Mission, Vision & Values will always be the same as we continue to grow with the blessings of our successful clientele

Satisfy Our Customer

We provide a range of IT related services at reasonable cost and with highest quality possible.

Social Listening

Social Media Listening is the only way to understand people through real conversations. We help you reach out to a wide network of the right customers as well as provide personalized responses.

Media Buying

Media buying refers to the process of paying the least amount for ad space on the channel that is fit for the mark audience at the best time.

Creative Services

Creative services are the department that lies within an organization and does productive work such as content writing, website designing, and production.


Technology is the abilities, practices, and methods that make our work easy and can be used for different purposes like producing goods or services, scientific research, etc.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the way of practicing software and technology to design and perform applications to automate repeated tasks such as tracking, email marketing, ad campaigns, and many more.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy is the act of achieving a marketing goal through carefully selected online channels such as social media and others.